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Golden Globe Awards Show ZZzzz

Thank you Meryl Streep for help making the decision for me to find
the off switch on my TV. I haven't watched any awards show for a
couple years, only because I don't need to hear Hollywood and those
type narcissistic self-indulgent views of how good they are.
But when actress Meryl Streep shoves her views down the American
people viewing audience that was the straw that broke the camel's
A so called award show should not be the platform to go on and on
and on about your political views no matter what they are!
Hey Golden Globe Awards I want those two hours of my life back!
The best part of the whole show was Mandy Moore’s dress tell me she
didn't look Smoken Hot! Cheers.

Happy New Year 2017




Happy New Year 2017!
If you're Drinking DON'T DRIVE!
We would hate to loose you.
Again and Always: Thank You to The Troops!


Merry Christmas 2016



I hope you all have A Safe and Merry Christmas!
To all the Troops and their families, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
Thank You, and Merry Christmas.
Check out the Christmas Models link below, you'll be glad you did, Cheers!
To Courtney Stodden Picture Gallery #1
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Lori Loughlin Still Makes my Heart Bang!!!



Just saw her in Notrthpole: Open for Christmas for the 3rd time, I'm here to tell you that
not only does Santa Live but Lori Loughlin just keeps getting Hotter!
Enough said, Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!!
To Lori Loughlin Picture Gallery #1
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Laurie Hernandez makes it to the Finals on Dancing with the Stars!





Update: Our Girl, Americas Girl Laurie Hernandez wins Dancing with the Stars, Congrats Laurie you deserved it!!!!!!

All I can say is if you haven’t voted for Laurie Hernandez on DWTS get on and VOTE!
We love this girl and if you didn't see her in the Olympics or on Dancing with Stars you missed one talented Lady!!!!
Now go vote Damn-it!
She'll just make you smile.
To Laurie Hernandez Picture Gallery


The Walking Dead - Have they gone Too Far?

Giving Dish Network 1 last chance!

Updated: Will looks like I'll be staying with Dish, Thanks *TF you saved
a long time customer!

Update: I'm going to give them 1 last chance today, if we can't work it
out they can send me boxes for their receivers, I'll let you know how
it goes!
Will after almost 20 years with Dish Network after seeing my bill this
month, I'm done! I gave them a chance to make it good and I heard,
will you’re going to have to sign a 2 year contract to get new
equipment, I need to add for over a year now the Hoppers that I
have, have a few major glitch’s in them that I have called and
called again about and heard that should be fixed on our next software
update, yes we are aware of them.
Will I would have taken the deal but not a 2 year contract, 20yrs
never late on their bill, I guess Dish Network didn't want to keep me,
Oh well I already have Netflix and it has a better picture then Dish, I
guess I'll just add Hulu + to my media center and save over $100 a month!

Tonight was the season premier of The Walking Dead, did they Go To Far?
I think for a lot this may be a breaker and they won't be tuning in for the rest of the so called season, sorry but I don't consider 10-15 episodes a season.
I'm on the fence on this one, it wasn't at all enjoyable to watch and I really didn't think that Glenn or Abraham were going to be the ones killed off????
Will I'll find out more next week alone with the rest of you???
On a happy note check out the gallery's of the hotties from The Walking Dead, Cheers












To Lauren Cohan Picture Gallery
To Sarah Wayne Callies Picture Gallery
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Julianne Hough HOT!



















Julianne Hough just keeps getting Hotter!

I can't really add anything to that but Thank You Julianne!

To Julianne Hough Gallery #1
To Julianne Hough Gallery #2
To Julianne Hough Gallery #3
To Julianne Hough Gallery #4
To Julianne Hough Gallery #5
To Julianne Hough Gallery #6
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